Standard FIVE

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"Assess and report constructively on student learning"


Teachers use a range and balance of assessment modes and techniques to gather information on student capabilities and progress and use this to evaluate and report on student learning and review their approaches to planning, teaching and assessment.


In my classroom I use a range and balance of assessment modes and techniques. By using these assessment tasks I am able to gather information on students capabilities and decide what needs to be extended so they have more opportunities for success. This also gives me as the classroom teacher the tools to evaluate and review approaches to planning, teaching and assessment in the future.

In order to achieve something you need to have a goal to work towards.

Both formative and summative assessments are used within the classroom so as to give students the feedback they need to improve for their final assessment task.

'Assessment is used to ‘inform about the learning outcomes of students. It helps the teacher make decisions about the students' needs, learning and teaching processes. This identifies resource requirements, further learning pathways and guides the planning of the class and school curriculum programs' (QCAR, 2007 p.54).



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