Standard FOUR

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"Design and implement learning experiences that value diversity"


Teachers value, acknowledge and build on student and community diversity, know the diverse characteristics of the students they teach, and plan and implement learning experiences that are inclusive.


As an immigrant, I valued the efforts that teachers provided to feel inclusive. This is something that is very close to my heart. I always endevour to provide for classroom diversity. Respect for oneself and respect for others is very important in my eyes as a teacher. When there is respect there are wholesome relationships that form. I tried to create respect and equity within the classroom environment through inclusive activities that involved group work, whilst allowing the students to discover different cultures and to discover themselves. When I first meet any class, I place learning their names, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses as top priority in order to cater for the diverse learning styles. When it comes to the tasks that I set for the students I make sure that different cultures could be explored, expressed and valued between the students so that students would be culturally aware, value and understand their peers. I've had students from many different parts of the world and therefore needed to make sure that when I explained the task I explained it well enough for everyone to grasp.

Diversity does not only include people from different cultures or non-English speaking backgrounds, but embraces a wide range of disabilities, religions, socio-economic status and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander’s

On my next prac I aim to value diversity when it comes to the students that learn on different levels. I plan to be fair and to continually encourage the students' to be all that they can be. I hope that the students will notice and 'catch' my behaviour towards others; to always be kind and to honour those around them, even when those around them may be different to them in some way, shape or form.