Standard NINE

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"Contribute effectively to professional teams"


Teachers actively contribute to a range of school-based and other professional teams to enhance student learning, achieve school objectives and improve the teaching and learning process.


There is always so much energy and excitement when it comes to teams and working together to create something new and beneficial to others while achieving school objectives and meeting personal goals. My pre-service time has allowed me co-operate with professional teams when it came to the school exhibitions, musicals, sport carnivals and running an inter-school soccer team. All of these were successful because of good communication and negotiation skills. These activities encouraged students from all year levels and all subjects to participate.

Throughout my university studies I have also contributed effectively to professional teams through various group assessments. These ranged from project management to presentations, involving strict schedules, organisation and dedication.

I have also been required to work together in a professional teams on many instances, eg. for an Under 8’s Tournament Day at North Star Football Club in Zillmere, organizing and refereeing matches for the day. Throughout the process I achieved many things with my team members:

  • Positive team work – creating a positive work environment.
  • Communication skills between members.
  • Reflective thinking as a group, accepting a variety of opinions.
  • Creating, Maintaining and delegating roles and responsibilities.