Standard ONE

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"Design and implement engaging and flexible learning experiences for individuals and groups"


Teachers design and deliver learning experiences, for individuals and groups, that employ a range of developmentally appropriate and flexible teaching, learning and assessment strategies and resources in information and communication technology (ICT) enriched environments.


I have a high level of knowledge of children's development relevant to the primary years which I have developed through my academic study. This knowledge enables me to plan and implement age appropriate lesson content and teaching strategies to ensure a high standard of learning outcomes/essential learnings are achieved. In addition to this I have also demonstrated the ability to apply this theory to practice in my teaching thus far. My high level of performance in this is evidence that I encompass a comprehensive knowledge of children's development, and skill in implementing learning experiences that are age appropriate.

Throughout my formal studies I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the different learning styles, and the special needs of students. It is vital as a teacher that I assess the individual students needs, through effective communication, analysis of their skills, and observation of their behaviour. This enables me to understand the student, and facilitates the implementation of the appropriate teaching strategy for that individual.