Standard SEVEN

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"Create and maintain safe and supportive learning environments"


Teachers understand individual and group motivation and behaviour, and create safe, supportive and stimulating learning environments that promote positive social interaction and active engagement in learning.


In order to provide students with a safe and caring environment I need to provide my students with opportunities to participate while keeping high expectations. I made clear my behaviour management expectations while promoting positive social interaction. Behaviour management is applied from the start to the finish of a lesson, because without management the students would disengage and become unruly.

I manage teaching time by preparing lesson plans for each lesson (Barry & King 1998, pp.45-96) and organise and explain the resources carefully for safety reasons. My students feel comfortable in my classroom because I give the students the respect and understanding they deserve and therefore we form mutual trust while keeping boundaries in place.


Barry, K., King, L. (1998), Beginning and beyond (3rd ed. pp.45-97) Victoria, Australia: Thomson