Standard TEN

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"Commit to reflective practice and ongoing professional renewal"


Teachers are reflective practitioners who establish professional learning goals, actively pursue opportunities for individual and collegial professional renewal and meet the legal and ethical obligations of the profession.


I am strongly committed and enthusiastic about my own learning journey as a teaching professional. I believe that as professionals we are responsible for our own learning and that continual professional development is essential to maintaining a high standard of teaching. It is also vital that we are committed to assisting in the professional growth of our colleagues by supporting new practitioners, sharing our knowledge, skills and experience. I am committed to developing as a teaching professional by being an active participant in a range of professional development activities including reading relevant journals, and maintaining membership of professional groups that can enhance my knowledge and skills.

I believe education to be the most potent antidote to the problems facing future generations. I have a role to play, and feel the responsibility keenly, every day in class. As a teacher I continually critically reflect on my practices and engage in ongoing training and learning with the aim of always improving my learners’ outcomes. I establish positive relationships and provide a safe, welcoming classroom environment where high expectations are the standard for all students. I aim to create a lasting impact on my students through strong relationships, meaningful curricula, trust and respect. I will inspire a sense of strength and endurance in my students, so they possess the tools to achieve their goals and dreams.